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How Does Knowing The Baby’s Gender Help The Parents?

Nowadays, guessing the gender of the baby beforehand is quite popular amongst expectant parents. Due to the recent development of medical technologies, many gender scan clinics can tell you the accurate gender of your unborn child through a baby scan with 99.9% accuracy. The best time to have a gender scan is between 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy because the genitals are clearer and the baby is bigger which helps to give the accurate result.
But, let us find out how knowing the baby’s gender helps the parents.

Helps to pick out names


Choosing one name amongst many is a difficult task, and when you do not know the gender of the baby, it becomes impossible to pick the perfect one. Hence, a gender scan helps you to pick one name according to the gender of your baby. Also, gender-neutral names are popular nowadays, and despite knowing the gender of the unborn baby expectant parents like to name their child.

Helps to build the nest


Many expectant parents like to start building nest before their child is born which includes painting and decorating the nursery, selecting the toys, baby-proofing the house. Knowing the gender of the baby helps them decide what color to choose between pink and blue, what toys and products to buy for their new member.

Helps to bond with the child


With the help of a gender scan, several parents, especially the would-be mom finds it helpful to know the baby with his/her name and how do they look inside their bump. This creates a strong bonding between the expectant parent and the child inside the womb, which is also helpful for the mother as it reduces stress and brings joy.

Helps to prepare the older siblings


Not every sibling is over the moon by the news of their mother’s pregnancy. Often, they are upset because the new member will have all the attention and love of their parents. So, referring the unborn child with he/she, or even with names may help the older child to accept their new member.

Though many parents like to enjoy the suspense, knowing the gender of the baby before birth has its advantages. Therefore, visit your nearest gender scan clinic in Reading and start picking names, decorating and even shopping for your unborn kid.


How To Host A Fun Gender Reveal Party With A Limited Budget

Nowadays, gender reveal party is so hyped and trendy where the couple hosts a celebration to reveal the gender of their unborn baby. But, before planning your gender reveal bash, you need to visit a gender scan clinic to know the gender of your baby. In Reading, several gender scan clinic provides 99.9% accurate result.

However, planning the party can be stressful. In this blog, let us find out how to cut the cost and make the most out of the bash.

Create a theme

gender 1

You can theme the party with pink vs blue, prince vs princess, etc. Gender reveal parties are popular now, hence it is easy to find a budget-friendly decoration. You can get the decoration stuff from the local market, or you can purchase online.

Set the date and invite guests

If you are planning the party on a low budget, it is better to keep the guest list smaller, only among family and close friends. Decide a date, and send out the invitations at least two weeks ahead, so that in the meantime, you can prepare for your party.

Plan the big reveal

gender reveal party

Ah, the most important part of the bash. Some couple chooses to find out the gender of the baby with the guests and some prefer to know and keep it in between them and later reveal to the guests. It depends on your choice, but beforehand, make sure you visit the gender scan clinic for the baby scan. Here are some of the gender reveal ideas:

-You can order the cake pink or blue inside, but with different color frosting outside.

-Pack pink or blue helium balloons in a huge box. Later, open the lid in front of the box, and the color of the balloons will reveal the gender of the baby.

-Get a piñata and fill it with items based on the gender of your baby. Ask your guests to break it. It is a bit messier idea, but it is going to create a lot of dramatic effects.

Entertain the guests

Pregnant woman celebrating baby shower with friends

You do not want your guests to get bored. Make sure you have fun games to play. You can play cards, board games, blindfold diaper changing, “ do not say baby” game, etc.

Document everything

If you want to cut the cost of hiring a photographer, you can ask a trusted family member or a friend to record the whole event. You can also ask your guests to leave a special message for your newbie.

Remember, it does not matter, whether you throw a big or small party, all it matters is you are surrounded by happiness, and your guests enjoy the day fully.

10 Gender-Neutral Baby Names Along With Their Meanings

Sometimes choosing the one perfect name for your little one is one of the most difficult tasks. These days, gender-neutral names are exceptionally popular and trendy. With options varying from traditional to unique, check out this list of 10 names that can work whether you’re naming your baby boy or baby girl.


An Old English originated name, meaning “driftwood”. Though this is more popular for boys, many of the parents name their baby girl too.


This is an exotic name with several different meanings in different languages – in Basque, the meaning of the name is “pier of a harbor”, “willow tree” in Navajo, “forgiveness” in Japanese, “sea” in Hawaiian. This single syllable packs a lot of power making it quite popular.


Originated fron Irish meaning “Fiery one”. It was traditionally a boy’s name, but it is now given to girls too spelled as “Aidan”.


The name “Cameron” is derived from Scottish surname started out as a female name, but now it has become a gender- neutral name. The meaning of the name is “crooked or bent nose”. This also reminds ua the famous Hollywood actor Cameron Dallas.


Also, named as Danah, Daina, the meaning of the name is “God is the judge or a Dane from Denmark”. It has become a much more common name for girls in recent years, while it is still a popular name for boys.


Rowan, which means “little redhead,” is popular with both sexes. One of the most famous Rowans is Mr. Bean himself, British actor Rowan Sebastian Atkinson.


Also, named as Stormi, an English name meaning “Volatile and powerful like severe weather”. This is a unique common name for both genders. The name “Stormi” became very famous after Kylie Jenner named her daughter in the year 2018.


A name of English origin meaning “bright with fame”, this name is immediately recognizable for actor and comedian Robin Willians and actress Robin Wright. So, it is the best example that this name is suitable for both genders.


The name Jamie has been gender-neutral for some time and is equally popular with both boys and girls. Historically, the name is said to have originated in Scotland and was used as a nickname for the also popular name of James. The Scottish meaning of Jamie is Supplanter, meaning someone who takes or overthrows something by force. This name also reminds us of the popular character from Games of Thrones, “ Jamie Lannister”.


Kim popularized this name when she and Kanye’s first child was born in 2013. However, this name is also gaining popularity among boys too.

These are our top 10 gender-neutral names for your to-be-born baby. You can pick any name from the list, whether you get to know your unborn baby’s gender from gender scan clinic or not. Which gender- neutral name did you like the most from our list? Tell us in the comment section.

Is It Worth To Know The Gender Of The Baby Before It Is Born?


Being pregnant is an exciting and probably the best time for all parents to be. With the use of modern technology, it is now possible to know the gender of the baby before it is born. It has become quite popular all over the world. Window To The Womb is one of the most trusted gender scan clinics in Reading that makes it possible for parents who cannot wait for the surprise and curious to know the sex of the baby beforehand. We are about to give you some justified reasons behind knowing the sex of the baby.

It is an early and fantastic surprise to know the sex of the baby and keeping it a big secret with the others. Watching your partner find out if they are having a son or a daughter is a magical moment in just 20 weeks and help you keep going on hard days of morning sickness, nausea, back pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Having one surprise at 20 weeks is an extra early reward for getting through the first half of pregnancy.

If you already know that you are having a little boy or a girl, you can plan well in advance as there is no free time afterward. Shopping will be great fun as you know what to buy and how to decorate the child’s nursery. Gender appropriate accessories such as headbands, clothes, shoes, will add on to the excitement during pregnancy.

If you already know the gender, deciding on your child’s name will be easier and exciting for you. You can male a list of gender-specific names and choose a few beforehand. Keep it a surprise for family and friends and the moment you hold your baby in hands, choose the appropriate name from the shortlisted ones. You can also chat to your child by name when in private during pregnancy.

If you already a mother of a child, then it will be a benefit for your child as o whether it is going to have a small sister or brother soon. It will help your child to bond better with the new sibling before arrival.

Overall, if you have a preference of having a boy or a girl, finding the sex of the baby beforehand will help you to come to terms with it before the delivery.

5 Benefits Of Knowing If It’s A Girl Or A Boy?

5 Benefits Of Knowing If It’s A Girl Or A Boy_

Some parents-to-be can’t wait to find out whether they are going to have a boy or a girl, while others choose to put off the idea of knowing the sex of the child until birth. Ultrasonography is the way to reveal the same. However, besides determining the sex of the child, a sonogram which is the grainy, black and white image that results from an ultrasound scan is used to see the baby’s earliest picture and a first chance for the couple to see the developing fetus. Reading Gender Scan Clinic provides this facility at a very affordable price.

The benefits of knowing the gender of the child are accompanied by the below-listed facts:

1) Many like to choose only one name and know the gender in advance so they can have the name printed on their baby’s clothes and in the nursery as well. Besides this, labor, delivery, and recovery can be stressful enough for first-time-moms and their labor coaches. So they prefer to know and stay motivated and excited about the baby’s sex earlier in the pregnancy.

2) Many parents feel that it is easier and better to prepare other children for the new arrival, if they know its a boy or a girl, and also know the name. They can touch mummy’s tummy and say “That’s little John in there” and find it easier to adapt when little John finally arrives, which contributes to gender scan clinic popularity.

3) Some women feel that they can bond more deeply with the child after knowing the sex, and can think of the child in terms of a little boy or girl along with a name. If you know the sex, you can go all out with the blue or pink color palette or the planes and trains, and decorative themes or the flower-and-rainbow embellishments to amuse your kids.

4) A baby gender test of the gender scan clinic enables the parents to get on with gender-specific decoration of the nursery and buying gender specific-clothing; Pink for girls and blue for boys. This holds true for both the parents and relatives of the baby. Many friends and relatives like to buy a gift for the new baby, and knowing the gender in advance will help them in making specific choices.

5) Gender Scan Clinic can help you adjust to the idea of having a boy or a girl. Some people have a preference for a boy or a girl, even though they would not admit out loud. Finding out the sex of your baby can give you time to process the news, and find ways of looking forward to the baby you have been blessed with.

So, the idea of Gender scanning has its own advantages before you start planning for a new life ahead.